Spelt liquorice & BERRYFECT® Blackcurrant Crème Caramel

Recipe: Sasu Laukkonen, Restaurant Chef & Sommelier


175 g
sugar for making caramelized syrup

35 g
Spelt liquorice
3-5 Tbls.
1,5 dl
2,75 dl
whipping cream
2 Tbls.
BERRYFECT® Black Currant powder


Grease your creme caramel moulds with butter or oil. Set oven at 150°C. Melt sugar in a heavy-bottomed saucepan (not Teflon) and add liquorice when sugar starts to brown. When the liquorice has melted thoroughly, add water. Strain into a new saucepan and melt once more. Pour a small bit of the syrup into each mould. To the remaining syrup saucepan add milk and whipping cream. Warm long enough so that the syrup melts and the contents are warm. Break eggs into a bowl and break them up with a whisk. Pour the hot milk-cream-syrup mix slowly on to the eggs, mixing the entire time. Add the dried Black Currant Berrypowder, stir and then strain the mixture.

Pour the mixture into the syrup-lined moulds. Fill baking dish with some hot water and place moulds. The hot water should reach half-way up the mould. Bake at 150° C until they have set, about 20-30 min. When done, place the moulds on a tray, cover with plastic wrap or similar and cool in the refrigerator. To serve, turn upside-down, removing mould. Serve with warm syrup on top of the crème caramels.

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