Raw Cake

Recipe: Jaakko Halmetoja


3 dl
4 dl
walnuts or other nuts
1 tblsp
coconut oil
Pinch of
2 tblsp
raw cocoa powder
4 dl
cocoa butter melted (6 dl unmelted)
3 dl
Brazil nuts
1 tsp
4 tblsp
local raw honey
1 tsp
mountain salt
Zest of lemon
2 tblsp
BERRYFECT Cranberry / Lingonberry powder
1 tblsp
BERRYFECT Bilberry / Black Currant powder


The night before:

Soak walnuts and dates overnight or minimum of 2 hrs.


With a handheld blender stick or in blender, grind lightly dates and walnuts until coarse; until they hold together. Spoon the mix into a bowl and add coconut oil, salt and raw chocolate powder. Oil 2 cake pans (9”) with coconut oil. Press the cake mixture into the cake bottoms. Place in freezer to cool until ready to fill it.


Melt the 6 dl of cocoa butter in a double boiler. Mix the cocoa butter and Brazil nuts until smooth in an all-purpose mixer or blender. Add to the mix bananas, honey, vanilla, lemon and salt. Mix until silky smooth. Divide the mixture into two different bowls for colouring-flavouring.

Blue filling: add 1 tblsp bilberry or black currant powder.

Red filling: add 2 tblsp lingonberry or cranberry powder.

Remove the cakes from the freezer. Pour onto one layer one colour/flavour and spread evenly. Use a spoon if needed. Pour the second colour/flavour onto the first colour. Use your spoon to swirl or lift up the lower colour upwards.

Freeze the cake for at least one hour. Remove from freezer just before serving to let defrost for a moment.

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