Bilberry (Wild Blueberry) Tiger-cake

Recipes: Sasu Laukkonen, Chef & Sommelier


120 g
1 dl
2,4 dl
SunSpelt cakeflour
1,2 tsp
baking powder
0,5 dl
light cream
4 Tbls.
Berryfect Blueberry powder


Grease baking dish. Set oven at 175 C° 
Whip until soft the butter. Add sugar and beat until foamy. Add eggs one at a time, beating after each one. Beat well.

Mix dry ingredients except the Blueberry powder. Add cream. Place 1/3 of cake batter in separate bowl and stir in the Blueberry powder. Let the batter rest for ten minutes before pouring into cake pan – first the light-coloured batter, then Blueberry and again light. Using a fork or knife, carefully and with only a few strokes, swirl the batter in the cake pan. If you swirl too much, the effect is lost in the baking. Bake at 175° for 40 minutes until the cake is done. Turn out of pan after cooling 10 min.

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