Powered by northern lights and the midnight sun

Imagine winters that are long, cold and with the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) dancing above deeply snow covered roots which are resting, waiting and gathering strength. When the dark gives way to our long period of intense light from the Midnight Sun the roots begin to swim with life. Every stem, every leaf, every flower bud reaches out to the warmth, to the pollinators and to Life.

Our roots are in Carelia, an area in the eastern part of Finland that is known for it´s virgin forests, wildlife and berries. The area has the most bears in Finland and a population density of only 9 people per km2 (0,39 mile2), meaning that people still live in close contact with the nature.

Clean air and nature, together with the lack of the stress often associated with city life create a way of living that is more harmonic than in the big cities. Here people also still enjoy harvesting what the nature has to offer. By fishing and picking berries and mushrooms people enjoy a natural and local diet.


Today a lot of people are interested in improving the quality of their lives by eating healthier and more natural food. With the stress involved in the lifestyle in big cities, downshifting has also grown in popularity in the recent years. Also the importance of environmental values has risen strongly.

Our research and development starts right in our back yard – in the surrounding forests. We aim to blend age-old traditions with modern technology to bring you clean, natural, nutrient-rich, ethical and environment-friendly food. We hope that our products will play a part in helping you to improve the quality of your life.


People today are increasingly aware of what they eat; we want to be able to not only trace the origin of the food we eat, but also to know whether it was produced ethically and safely.

The berries we use in our BERRYFECT® products grow in one of the cleanest environments in the world: in the wild Nordic forests. The berries (Bilberry, Lingonberry, Cranberry) are not cultivated – they grow in our forests naturally. This insures that the berries benefit from all the vitamins and minerals provided by the Nordic nature. Our berry-pickers pick all the berries by hand – no machines are being used. This way the plants and nature will remain intact also for the future generations to enjoy. Through information provided by our berry-pickers, we can trace all our berries to specific forest areas.


We handle the berries with extra care in our modern state-of-the-art production facilities, which ensure us a safe and traceable production process from the berries in the forest to the finished product in the shops. This, together with the food product safety law in Finland that is among the strictest in the world, guarantees the absolute safety of our BERRYFECT® products.

Finnish Nature and Lifestyle

Finland is one of the only countries in Europe that still has vast wilderness areas. We are a country roughly the same size as Germany, but with only 5 million inhabitants. Finland has approx. 180 000 lakes and 60 000 islands. This together with the fact that around 65% of our surface area is covered by forests means that there is a lot of wild nature in Finland.


We Finns are known to still have a healthy relationship with nature: we enjoy swimming in a lake after a sauna at our summer cottage and skiing and skating in the winter. Berry- and mushroom picking are primeval traditions still used today to add vitamins and minerals to our diets.

The drastic differences between the four seasons have molded both our behavior and also our diet. The dark and cold wintertime used to be regarded as a resting time in the old farming communities, while the short but warm summers with round-the-clock sunlight energized people to be very active both in work and spare time. The same applies to Nordic plants: during the cold and dark winter the plants rest and recover, but when the short summer with the midnight sun arrives, they take a growth leap and produce a crop that is bursting with vitamins and minerals. This has been a vital nutrient boost to our diet that has enabled us to endure the long winters.


Our Vision

Our vision is to produce nutrient-rich food products that help people eat and stay healthy.

We want to offer people natural Nordic berry products that come from our wild forests. By producing food that starts with berries foraged in clean nature we can guarantee the consumer that our products are ethically produced, ecological, clean and safe to use.

We want to make sure that we will also have clean nature and water and pure air in the future. That is why we are supporting The Finnish Association For Nature Conservation (FANC) in their work in protecting the forests in our home country Finland.

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