Blueberry VS BERRYFECT® Bilberry

BERRYFECT™ Arctic BILBERRY – The Blue Gold of Finland

Bilberries are distinct from blueberries but closely related to them. In several other European languages its name translates as “blueberry” or “wild blueberry”, and this may cause confusion with the related plants more usually known as “blueberry” in American English.


Bilberry a wild relative of cultivated blueberry is receiving massive interest in food industry due to potential health promoting properties. Regarding other berry fruits, bilberry is overall one of the best sources of health beneficial phenolic compounds.

The blue pulp of the wild bilberry is full of the pigment anthocyanin, while the highbush blueberry has a light-coloured pulp.

Blueberry VS BERRYFECT® Bilberry


The most significant health benefit of the bilberry, however, is the anthocyanin compounds it contains. The BERRYFECT® Bilberry Powder is up to 10 times richer in these flavonoids than is the related highbush blueberry, a cultivated plant. Flavonoids are important antioxidants, and promote several health effects.

BERRYFECT® Bilberry Powder - Anthosyanins

*) Koponen et al 2007. Accreditation lab (BEL-119, MTT, Food and biotechnology, 31600, Jokioinen, Finland, see references), Average of three analysis.

BERRYFECT® Bilberry-Blackcurrant Powder is a good source of Vitamin E, Potassium, Dietary fibre and contains high levels of health beneficial Polyfenol antioxidants.

Bilberry-BlackCurrant Powder with pallukat


Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Potassium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system, to normal muscle function and to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. 

Getting enough fibre from your diet guarantees the well-being of microbes, that are important for your digestive system. Vegetable-based fibre feeds the good bacteria, such as bifido- and probiotic lactive acid bacteria. The adequate amounts of these bacterias in your intestine system supports the natural immune defense system of your body.